Tina Ilona Kenward


There is something beguiling about working with clay.

Perhaps it is because we share a deep rooted and interwoven history with ceramics: in celebrations, in worship and in the everyday.

My work is autobiographical, direct responses to everyday observations and interactions, voiced with clay, in visual form.

These forms take shape in a series of concurrent bodies of work, the threads of which diverge and converge over months or, sometimes years. The underlying themes that course through these bodies of work are water flow, female representation - from neolithic art to modern media, and self-exploration.

I have been working with clay since 2003, using various hand-building techniques. Over time my work has moved from abstract waterscapes to include more obviously feminine forms, with surfaces reflecting weathered and eroded landscapes.

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My studio buddies:

Michelangelo Bonitatibus
Ceramic Artist

Jacques Jeanjean
Jewellery Designer-Maker


  • Ceramic Art & Sculpture